A Tea Party about Obama
A Tea Party was once again held between corporate parties and it was the same old topics being discussed as usual. They talked about how they were going to take the United States of America back to where it belonged because they did not like how President Obama is running things. The elections is getting closer though so they will exercise their right to vote along with several other Americans as they choose who should lead the country for the next six years. It won’t be an easy choice to make as Donald Trump is making some wise cracks about hotea_party_porterw he is going to lead the country. Some of his statements are wild while some make sense anyway. It is up to the people whether they will believe it or not. According to the latest surveys, he has a good chance of winning after leading the reality show The Apprentice into show nice ratings. In fact, the show was so good that it even got an Asian version where a couple of Filipino employees ended up being involved and one of them won in the end. There are happy endings in a reality show after all since he deserved to win that one. It is obvious we haven’t seen the last of this tea party as they will organize several more leading into the elections. It is no surprise how some people are not happy how Obama is running things since the same could be true with whoever becomes President of the United States of America. A tea party is a good idea since teas are healthier than coffees. It also tastes better too as it helps you get rid of some toxins in your body. Coffee is something that would make you not fall asleep early and it is for people working in graveyard shifts. They drink lots of it and think it is good for their body but it is not and it could haunt them in the end. Obama loves it when other politicians are talking about him but that is not a surprise since anybody would feel flattered when other people hold a tea party just to talk about them unless they are devising a plan to put him away for good. However, they are nice old guys so the last thing they want to do is to harm someone.

It is apparent they discussed a lot of things during the tea party as they must have had an itinerary of what they will discuss throughout the night. The people involved in the tea party are all billionaires so they could discuss a lot of topics like their next business ventures. They could do pretty much whatever they want right now in this part of their lives. They must have beautiful wives even though men always get hjsick of women and they could just find another young one since they are rich anyway. All they have to do is to take care of their health so they could enjoy their lives long enough to have another crack at love life. Believe it or not, some ladies would actually dig older guys since they do things that make them earn well. They speak well and handle their personality in a manner where very few people can. They have strong personalities and they are used to ordering people around. If you want to be rich too then you must be around rich people as well so you can get advice from them on what to do in order to become the next billionaire. It would be up to them if they would tell you their secrets or not as it is not easy to earn lots of cash.It would depend on how you handle yourself in front of the public. It is not known if they have a schedule for their tea parties and who could be involved in the next one. The only thing for sure is they will never stop discussing about Obama. Obama has done a good enough job as the first African American president of the country. He has garnered good performance ratings but there are still those people who are not satisfied with what he is doing.